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With the recent explosion of digital 3D and HD technologies in India Cinema Halls, Multiplexes, Auditoriums and museums of all sizes can now enter this arena, providing a premium, immersive, attendance-driving theater experience to visitors.  Today’s digital 3D theaters cost a small fraction of their film-based complex predecessors and do not carry high operating costs. Moreover, digital theaters can often be easily integrated into any auditorium, lecture hall, or other public area to capitalize on an existing, possibly under-utilized, facility.  


EXD 3D theaters offer Indian cinema halls, multiplexes and museums and other destination venues an excellent incremental revenue opportunity, as well as an experience that audiences crave. Ours is the latest and the best 3D technology based system which is comfortable, gentle on eyes and ghosting-less (crosstalk-free). It generates a pristine 3D eco-system with 1080p high definition visuals and 7.1 channel THX certified surround sound with DTS HD Master, Dolby Digital Plus, etc.



EXD specializes in the design, installation and integration of digital 3D theaters in India. We offer a full array of flexible theater solutions depending on specific client needs. These include:


  • Retrofits of existing theaters or auditoriums, from small rooms to giant large-format theaters.
  • New theaters, typically within existing public space.
  • Temporary theaters, usually for touring or limited engagement exhibition.
  • Ground-up, new theater construction, including LEED certified architectural design.
  • System training and ongoing service packages.