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EXD creates the ultimate Home Theater with cutting edge Full HD & 3D Technology. Our solution transforms your living room in to a dynamic home theater. EXD provides inexpensive and highest quality 3D solutions to home users for experiencing immersive stereo 3D movies, 3D games and youtube's 3D videos using our active 3D glasses. 


Our 3D Home Theatre is based on a professional-grade projection setup as large as you desire and a 3D technology without any flaws. So no more hot-spots for 3D viewing, no limitation of image-size or content as our 3D technology gives you upto 300" image size, 3D games, real-time 2D to 3D conversion and uniform 3D effect throughout the room.   






Solution Framework:


3D Projector specially chosen by our experts for home user only.



3D Active glasses for True 3D experience.



3D Screen of 120 inch or can be increased if required we do no restrict the size of screen.



Surround sound audio setup for quality audio as per the room requirements.


We provide fully customizable solutions to meet your requirements.