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Experience cinema-quality richness of sound and clarity of picture right in your own living room. Cinema rooms are no longer just for millionaires, you could have one in your home too. With a single button press a slick glass-beaded projection screen slides down from ceiling over your beautiful wall or window and your living/bed/dining room transforms into state of the art entertainment center with high-definition TV, movies, gaming and thunderous surround sound. with, EXD HD Home Cinema you'll soon be the envy of all your friends!


We make sure that your thunderous surround sound  remain in the home theatre room with our world class acoustic panels. So Enjoy the late-night movie or gaming session on the big screen without disturbing your negihbours or other family members.




In this category our experts design the best High Definition (720p to 1080p) display and sound system which fits in your budget and home interior both because choosing a home cinema system is a difficult decision, even a daunting one, and knowing where to go to find a system can be a hard enough proposition in itself. But finding an independent dealer that can offer the kind of home cinema installation service and expertise required for a high quality home audio and/or home cinema set-up is a vital part of the buying process.

If you are feeling inspired and ready to take the next step to your very own home cinema installation, please call us on +91-9654-281-313 or mail us on and our expert will get back to you shortly with more information about your home cinema design and installation process.