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EXD Multi-Room Systems

"Diversity. It's simple."



Wherever you are in your house, you have complete control over the sounds that accompany you. You decide what you want to hear. Whether you are looking for information, recreation, entertainment or pure listening pleasure: their sound world follows your mood and your spontaneous needs.


And should the wishes of the residents may be different, then everyone can request program simply enjoy individually: waking up with your favorite radio station, relaxing music in the bathroom, the latest hits in the nursery or a big home theater with Dolby Surround: The Multiroom Systems designed and installed by EXD offers you a world of audiophile sound, where whatever you want whenever you want.




EXD makes you the master of your entertainment. Whether using the remote control units to the wall or PC, always follows the same intuitive and simple logic. In general, press a button and the system will meet your needs.


Open to your needs:

When it comes to audio system installation, EXD can install virtually any type of system you wish. These systems can range from very sophisticated to very basic, and we can also assist in designing the system you want and within your price range.


Because we do not work for any particular audio manufacturer, EXD is free to recommend only the best system that meets your needs and budget. A simple audio system can be designed and installed by us to play the same tune in many different rooms at different volumes and settings.


We can even install systems in the bathroom using top-quality, safe water resistant speakers. More advanced systems can be installed to play from radio, CD player, music server, or DVD.



No compromise on sound:

As a company with a passion for audio, we don't compromise with the sound quality in our installations. The sound is transmitted into the tried and tested hardware entirely symmetrical, that is uncompressed on a solid, concealed cabling.

Our affordable audio server will allow you to archive your CD collection in perfect original quality. And the wide range of excellent speakers in many different designs and performance one step further to ensure true sound throughout the house. Welcome to the future !!




Why Pay More ?

Contact EXD today to discuss your individual multi room audio and visual needs. Let us show you how we can assist you in getting the most for your money. Free consultation and quote.