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A video is always capable of providing much more information than any other media. That is why experience more and more video data around us. From your home to conference rooms to malls you see applications working on video data, managing it is becoming more complicated with increasing technology and decreasing time. Here comes Extra Dimensions in picture with EXD Interactive Media, Centralized Video Servers, Wall Controllers, Multi-Screen Displays and Video Wall Displays empowering  a variety of applications like below:


 Command & Control, NOC Solutions

Traffic & Transportation Management, Air traffic management, Defense & Security Operations, Process control and review.






  Aerospace, Research & Exploration

Simulation & training, Centralized visualization of Energy/Power/Water, Oil and Gas, Aerospace Communications







Digital Signage / DOOH – Digital Out of Home Advertising / Mass Communications

Branding, Broadcasting, WOW effects in Media & Entertainment, Digital cinema, Events, Leisure and Entertainment







 Corporate Meetings, Communications, Education, Information, Entertainment, Edutainment

Corporate Audio-Video Integration, Video Conferencing, Presentations, Marketing, Tradeshows, Education & Training, Higher education & universities, Casinos, Sports Events, Religious Applications and Virtual Reality.





Situation Monitoring & Emergency Response  

Public transport management, Port & waterways management, Telecom network centers and many more application can be benefited with EXD Video management solutions.





We work with our customers from understanding their needs to site inspection, design and customization of systems, displays and servers that uniquely meet their requirements. We are dedicated to providing the ultimate seamless solutions comprising multiple hardware and software products tailored to meet the exact requirements in lower investment.