EXD Home Cinema



Recreate The Big Screen in The Comfort of Your Own Home

If, as we do, you enjoy relaxing with the family and watching films there is no better way to enhance your experience than by settling down in your very own custom designed home cinema room. 

At EXD we have been designing bespoke home cinema systems (home theatre) in India and our vast experience so if you are looking for a  custom designed dedicated home cinema theater or a discrete hidden cinema system for your family room or lounge our team can help transform your room in to a perfect environment for watching films, playing games and watching TV.




Dedicated Cinema Rooms


For the best possible movie experience a dedicated cinema room in your home will provide an experience un matched by even your local multiplex.  Our dedicated cinema rooms incorporate tiers of luxurious electric reclining cinema seats, the very best projectors, speakers, glass beaded highest gain screen, electronics and acoustic treatments to ensure you enjoy huge razor sharp lifelike images and jaw dropping immersive surround sound.

Every cinema room we create is completely bespoke and designed around your room, your family and how you wish to use the room. We offer a level of service to suit you from a "Turn Key" solution of complete interior and acoustic design, decoration, AV installation and calibration to simply audio visual system design and installation working in conjunction with your existing tradesman. Whatever level of involvement you would like us to have in your project we have a single goal in mind - To deliver the best possible cinema experience for you budget.




Hidden Cinemas for Living Rooms (Transform living room into a Pro Cinema Hall)


Where a dedicated home cinema room is not possible or practical, jaw dropping cinema performance can still be achieved with sufficient planning and forethought. A typical high quality home cinema installation in a lounge, living room or family room would involve a high quality a projection screen and projector which descend from the ceiling to give you the big screen experience for watching films of sporting events etc. Surround sound is then provided by powerful and compact speakers or discrete artworks speakers to give high quality 3D surround sound without disrupting the room's decor.


All of the technology is made incredibly simple to use via our programmed touch screen controllers so that only a single tap of the "Movie Time" is all that is required to activate the system and relax in front of the latest blockbuster.

Picture & Sound Calibration


What ever level of investment you make in your home cinema room, unless the system is calibrated and optimised you will never get the best out of the equipment you have purchased.

As with any high performance sports car, the tuning of the engine makes the difference between average performance and exceptional performance.

EXD has an team of specially trained professionals allowing us to get the very best picture and sound performance out of all the screens and projectors we install. In multi room applications a simple effective level of calibration is performed but in the main lounge or cinema room full ISF calibration can; if performed, get every last detail from your high definition equipment making truly life like images.