Video Wall Controllers




The Best Technology and The Easiest User Interface

EXD offers the most flexible and capable centralized video controller designed and assembled in India. Made for 24x7x365 application. The EXD Centralized Visual Controller is a flexible & easy to use system for centralizing and managing all your video feeds of any type. 


Perfect for Rear-projection video cubes, projection mapping, multi-projection blending, LCD/LED walls, etc. An essential element for video walls, our system has world class and industrial grade components for 24x7x365 usage. With a compact design but powerful form factor, EXD CVC supports a wide range of visual inputs and can drive video walls having up to 16 high resolution displays/cubes. Using 64-bit architecture based Software, visual sources can be drag-dropped and resized individually anywhere on the whole display area or, with a click of the mouse, the entire video wall can show a preset layout of windows. EXD CVC is designed to be easily installed, used and maintenance.

Top Graphics Performance for The Perfect Pictures

EXD Controller is a network-based graphics controller for the control of any kind of large screens. Thanks to its Full-Resolution Multi-Screen outputs, displays of any size can be achieved with stunning picture quality. This includes an integrated software for managing networked PC inputs, Analog Videos and HDMI/DVI/RGB sources. Thanks to the flexible hardware architecture of the EXD-Pronto Series, it can be easily upgraded with our optional cost-effective extensions.


Our products always utilizes the most state-of-the-art and reliable hardware components available and our customers benefit from the exclusive consultancy for each project so that our ongoing development of the video wall controller technology remain the best.