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Projection Screens


At EXD we believe in quality, hence for your ultimate viewing experience we make best quality screens at unbeatable price. We have huge range of projection screens to choose from, in terms of Type, fabric, format and Sizes.


 Type         : Motorized, Tab tension, Fixed Frame 

Fabric Options : Matt White, Glass Beaded, Silver screen

Size Options : Any

EXD Matt White
Matt White is a standard fabric which is commonly used in most of the applications, Matt white fits perfect with either low brightness projection system or high brightness projection system, because it diffuses light in all directions and created a perfect viewing experience from all angles.
We provide different kind of options with matt white screens in terms of size and type to fulfill any kind of requirement of our customers. Matt white screens are widely use in applications like Home Theater, Conference rooms, Classrooms and Auditoriums.

EXD Silver Screens 
The EXD silver screen is made with Silver Lite, a high gain, durable and high definition 3-D silver material. The perceived image brightness is increased through black borders on all 4 sides The screen surface with a specifically designed silver finish which is perfect for situations where a silver surface is necessary for a 3-D projection. The matte finish of this surface successfully rejects ambient light. Flame retardant and mildew resistant.  All our screens are seamless. Perfect image because of projection surface without curling edges

EXD Glass Beaded Screen
This screen type has the highest gain and best suitable for high-class cinema-halls. Its glass beading is Retro-reflective, that is, their reflection is directed back toward the light source. Very popular in the amateur hollywood market. 
EXD offers these high quality screen in various sizes with great value for money. Ideal for EXD home-theatre, business presentations, multimedia viewing, for use in pubs and clubs to screen big sporting events matches live. All of our screens come with wall/celing mounting brackets for your conveniance.

If you need help chooseing the best screen for you then visit our Ask Us page and fill the form with your application and details, our projection expert will contact you within 6 working hours.

All of our screens are:
  • Full HD & 4K Compatible
  • 16:9 or 4:3
  • Compatibility with all projectors LCD, DLP or LED