3D Glasses

DLP 3D Ready Glasses


You’ve seen 3D in cinema, Auditorums, museams and 4D-theatres but now 3D has come to your homes, offices and education institutions because most of them already have DLP 3D-Ready projectors. If not then EXD offeres a large variety of affordable 3D-projectors.


Once you have DLP 3D-Ready projector, you need compatible 3D glasses to watch 3D videos and your projector manufacturer charges a heafty amount for each pair of glasses. But, We have the most affordable solution for that.




EXD introduces world-class LCD shutter glasses which are compatible with all kinds of DLP 3D-Ready projectors and provide excellent 3D visuals without strain on your eyes.

At the most affordable prices in India.

Now enjoy 3D with all your loved ones without digging a hole in your pocket.


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